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Our Journeys


IDILLIO D'ARTE is proud to offer original thematic cultural travels in Puglia, southern Italy. Through Culture, People and Passion you will experience the visited places in a relaxed ambience. We believe our Journeys are a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the contemporary life beside the artistic and historical heritage. Furthermore, in your vacation with us, you will be pleased also by modern and traditional food as well as urban and natural landscape.


We travel in smaller groups to ensure a convivial and personal feel.


We can also serve private travelers who want to be guided through their traveling time, but do not want to be part of a group, permitting us to share Italy by Italians.






Cultural and Responsible Tourism is the field, where the tour operator IDILLIO D'ARTE acts since it was founded.

Because we consider culture the essence of places and people, we effort to preserve it by minimizing the impact of our travels on the society and nature.
The sustainability of our activities requires continuous reflections about how to make possible an enrichment of travelers and local communities: it could be easy to fall in the mistake of "greenwashing", but we are struggling to achieve our purpose.


License Reference by Tourism Department of Italy: INFOTRAV




For Travel Agencies


With pleasure we collaborate with other agencies to organize together travels in Puglia.





Luigi Piero Grieco

I have founded IDILLIO D'ARTE to offer new kind of holidays, which can better suite to contemporary travelers. I grow up in Bari (Puglia, southern Italy) and after the university graduation I was living some years in Germany. Through my travels in Europe and other continents I enjoyed different cultures, always starting a dialogue and having full respect of local people. Talking about my land is something, I do with greatest passion.


(photo: Matteo Brusa)

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