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Fundamental Recommendations for Sustainable Travellers in Italy!

Here you can find some suggestions about the sustainability of your vacations to Italy.

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This is a short introduction about the Sustainability in your Journey, of course according the concept of Sustainable Travelling by Idillio d'arte.

In general, you do not have to think about the impact of your travel only regarding the natural environment, that is without doubt important; opportunity or threat of tourism are also related to local communities and their society and economy. Therefore in our Sustainable Travel policy we focus on all three levels of responsibility:
1) Economy;
2) Nature;
3) Society.

Hereafter you can find five proposals of us that can help you to have a sustainable journey in Italy.

Don't rush!
One of first rule to enjoy Italy is to dedicate time to your journey... Pretending to visit the South and the North in one week is too much. The Italian peninsula is around 900 Km (560 miles) long: from Bari to Milan you need 7 to 8 hours by a speed train. We do suggest to concentrate your holiday in a place for a week: In this way, you will avoid stress and act sustainable reducing the mobility impact of your long dreamed Italian trip!

Enjoy the difference!
The most of Italy is located in the Mediterranean area and therefore habits and traditions result from the intense relationship with the other countries on Mediterranean Sea; during your journey we suggest to enjoy all differences from your culture and compare them with locals.

At the World Conference on Tourism and Culture of UNWTO, February 2015, the Secretary-General Mr. Taleb Rifai said "Go out, enjoy this place, meet people, talk to them, interact [...] and be enriched!".
I think this quote can perfectly explain the essence of tourism to enrich people from their cultural exchange. In Italy furthermore people are normally open and curios. Our important advice is to go to bars for a coffee or to local restaurants to have chance to interact: Never remaining closed in your accommodation.

Spend local!
When you are on your holiday destination, spend your money for sustainable products and services that locals run, in order to let touristic income remaining on site; you can even buy your whole tour package by a certified local tour organizer as we are. We have seen often foreign groups not having any possibilities to purchase handicraft products or cloths: Italy is worldwide famous for fashion...

Respect the environment!
Please avoid the single-use plastic! Unfortunately in whole Italy is still common to use too much single-use plastic: bags, straw, drink and ice cream cup and so on; if you have a fabric bag with you when you go shopping, you ask not to use a straw, when ordering a Spritz, eat ice cream on a cone and drink in glass cup, you will help a lot our country and our environment!

Our travel "PUGLIA WINE WINTER & CULTURE" tour is a wonderful example of how you can enjoy a fantastic travel in South Italy, Puglia and leave a tiny impact; in seven days you will experience our fall season, savour wine and traditional food, but also live like a local, understand more about the history of those places and reduce to the minimum the usage of plastic.

We would be very glad to answer to any of your question:
email to, call to our landline +39 / 080 403 81 28, whatsapp on +39 / 348 87444 20 or message to instagram.

My name is Piero and I am the designer and tour leader of our journeys.


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