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Give the Gift to travel in Italy

We recommend you as Present to the persons you love a Voucher for one of our organized travels or for a single service: it is easy and without costs. Upon request we will completely refund the amount or transfer it to the indicated person, without expenses in the Euro-countries.

100 €
per person


For Christmas, St. Valentine's Day, for a Wedding or any other event, the Gift to travel in Italy with IDILLIO D'ARTE can be a great and orginal surprise to your relatives or friends.


The purchased Gift Card can be spent as voucher for one of our escorted journeys or for a single service: accommodation, restaurant, guided walks and so on.


If you intent to purchase the Gift Card, please follow those few steps:

1) please, chose the amount from the menu beside the word "Period" (we just borrowed the term from the system), then click on "MAKE A RESERVATION";

2) after a moment on the left, the purchase summary will appear; then click on "Conclude the reservation";

3) in the new page, please, fill in all fields with your personal details and the details of the person, who will receive the gift, as well as with wishes and requests; select the terms of service, then click on "Book now";

4) by next page, if you are already registered, please sign in, otherwise please, fill in all fields and click on "SIGN IN AND BOOK": indications will help you to log in;

5) please, read all once again and confirm by "Confirm the booking": you will receive a confirmation email;

6) within two working days you will receive the contract and the explanation how to transfer the amount to our bank account;

7) as soon as we receive the signed contract and the amount, we will send an email with the Voucher number to the indicated person and you will receive our receipt.


Who receives the Voucher can use it as wished, also in part, for one of our organized journeys or for a single service (accommodation, restaurant, guided walks and so on), by contacting us.


If the Voucher would not be used in 12 months after emission, we will ask you to renew it or to transfer the amount.


At any time the amount can be refunded or transferred to the indicated person.


We will not charge any expenses for the transactions, not even in case of refund or transfer to the indicated person, if the bank account is in the Euro zone and we can use an IBAN number.
If the refund or transfer shall succeed in another way, we will communicate you the costs.


For further information or variation, please use the contact form or write to or simply call the number +39 / 080 403 81 28.


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