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I would have to say that having local food in local restaurants I would never have found alone was one highlight. The other were the excellent guided trips to sites and cities - sometimes accompanied with Piero and the guide acting out scenes - superb! One of the best holidays I have ever had - absolutely excellent. Piero is very knowledgeable about Puglia and he has a good network of friends to fill in any gaps. Piero is also very well organised and as concerned with detail as with the big picture.

October 2019



We really liked the trip with Piero. We have seen and experienced a lot. Always has Piero in his extremely friendly, committed and easy going manner not only the announced the program, but also shown beyond the things of his homeland and stood naturally also very patiently available for all questions (translations, Italian pronunciation, food selection... just to mention a few). We were bathing several times and having a coffee in different bars> the Italian institution of daily life, by an Espresso or Dolce.

October 2019



This was a very interesting and enjoyable trip, not least because both Luigi and Bledar wanted to share their passions for their respective countries: we learnt so much. The place in which we were based in Puglia, in the midst of an olive and fruit farm was idyllic. We visited so many interesting old towns, met local guides who were very informative, and despite not being big wine-drinkers we enjoyed immensely the wine tastings. The food was very good, and sometimes exceptional. We also appreciated the commitment to conservation and the removal of plastics from our way of life. As an introduction to Albania and its troubled history the trip was excellent, largely due to Bledar and his wealth of information about any topic. The hotels were very good with rooftop views and the landscapes we travelled through were frequently breathtaking. The historic al sites and museums were also impressive. In addition Bledkar ensured that his selection of restaurants enabled us to sample a wide range of the excellent traditional food available. What made this holiday a memorable experience, however, was the kindness, patience and thoughtfulness of our two guides and the many interesting conversations we had together over the two weeks.

October 2019



It was all so good! The ancient sites were particularly engrossing, the food was fabulous. An excellent experience and good value.

September 2019



I really enjoyed this trip to places I had never been before. Each part of the trip was well planned with a variety of things to see and do. Our guides, Luigi Piero in Puglia and Geri in Albania were outstanding. They were knowledgeable, passionate about the areas they were taking us to, and very considerate. They both went out of their way to be helpful to us and were very good company. Furthermore Luigi Piero was very keen about preserving the environment.



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