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Great food, good combination of dance and culture; I liked a lot the fact that everything was organized, so we could just relax; I liked also that a lot of cultural programme was off the beaten track, instead of "touristy".




Thank you so much for the very beautiful days in Puglia.




One week of pure pampering :)
It was fantastic the sensation of being a guest and not a tourist, to have an excellent dance teacher, who pays the same attention to a smaller group as well as to a bigger group; the same teacher who react to unspoken group wishes, beside following his program.




I liked a lot the nice atmosphere, nice group of fellow travellers and guide, the Masseria, the landscape, dance classes, variation of cultural program, the sites, the fact that the organisation of this trip allowed us to see places and restaurants that are not the typical tourist places, gattini :) ...




A pleasant and well-balanced itinerary: dance in the morning, break at midday, excursions in different places and/or beach during the afternoon and dinner together in the evening; we have eaten also in small restaurants, where there were few tourists, restaurants that probably I/we would have never found by our own.



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