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Sustainable Travel Policy

Policy aims

The aim of the Sustainable Travel Policy of IDILLIO D’ARTE is to fix rules and purposes toward a sustainable way of organizing and implementing journeys.

Economic responsibility

IDILLIO D’ARTE works mainly with local companies and employ only local guides to guarantee a sustainable further use of tourist incomes.

We purchase local food and traditional products (potteries, cloths) that can sustain local economy, traditional activities and craftsmanship.

Environmental responsibility

IDILLIO D’ARTE pursues the full respect of environment, in the back office as well as during tours:
- avoiding as much as possible single-use plastic;
- reducing as much as possible driven distances;
- avoiding air conditioning and heating, when not needed;
- reducing as much as possible energy and resources consumption;
- planing activities in the nature during our tour (like the Butterfly Watching), in order to enjoy protected areas and biodiversity;
- reducing as much as possible wastes and using the corresponding differentiated collection.

Social responsibility

IDILLIO D’ARTE does believe in the advantages of interactions between local people and guests as a path for enrichment in both directions.

Furthermore, through cultural explanations, we give our guests a better overview of society and places.

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